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Be Aware of conflict minerals!

Posted On: February 27, 2012

Congo’s conflict minerals leave a trail of destruction as they make their way from the mines in eastern [...]

Supreme Court to Decide Whether U.S. Corporations Can Be Sued for Abuses They Support Overseas

Posted On: February 24, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Tuesday on whether U.S.-based corporations can be sued in U.S. [...]

Open letter to Mr. Cameron

Posted On: February 22, 2012

Dear Mr. Cameron, Please find below our suggestion for fixing the UK ‘s economy. Instead of giving billions [...]

A little perspective on EVERYTHING!

Posted On: February 22, 2012

Here is what happened, when astronomers pointed the Hubble Space Telescope at what appeared to be absolutely nothing, and left [...]

George Carlin – Death Penalty

George Carlin – Death Penalty

Posted On: February 19, 2012

Please note this contains very strong language and satire that is not to everybody’s taste. [...]

Deception at Duke: Fraud in cancer care.

Posted On: February 18, 2012

Whilst the medical and pharmaceutical industry disregard the work of people like M Gerson or C Campbell calling [...]

The slow death of one of the greatest documents ever written.

Posted On: February 17, 2012

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution [...]

Surprising Naivety of Terry Wogan when interveiwing David Icke 2006

Posted On: February 17, 2012

As some will be aware David Icke chose (was shown) a path 20 years ago that changed his [...]

“Paradise or Oblivion” official trailer

Posted On: February 17, 2012

*This is NOT the “major motion picture” that The Venus Project is working towards but rather is a [...]

What is a paradigm and a paradigm shift?

Posted On: February 15, 2012

To see the reality of our world we need a global PARADIGM SHIFT!  Stephen Covey (7 Habits of [...]

How could so many conspiracies be funded??

Posted On: February 13, 2012

If you find it impossible to believe that the many conspiracies out there could be funded,  try googling [...]


Posted On: February 09, 2012

US presidents such as Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln (the true greats) all fought to ensure that the US Government [...]

Jan Irvin – Trivium Education

Posted On: February 03, 2012

  Fascinating RED ICE interview with Jan Irvin who runs helping us to understand, amongst other things, [...]

2 FOX News Reporters Jobless After Monsanto & Cancer Milk Story

Posted On: February 02, 2012

Fox News reporters Steve Wilson & Jane Akre uncovered disturbing information after FOX TELEVISION told them to cover [...]

Perhaps Einsteins and Planks successor to formulating quantum science !

Posted On: February 01, 2012

The double slit experiment has proved beyond doubt that the real answers to life’s unexplained mystery of consciousness [...]