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Help Us Diagram This Sentence by Donald Trump!

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August 6, 2016


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Help Us Diagram This Sentence by Donald Trump!

At the Slate Political Gabfest’s live D.C. show this week, Emily, David, and John tried to diagram a sentence uttered in Sun City, South Carolina, on July 21 by the ever-eloquent Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. They were defeated.

But, as this is America, the story doesn’t end there. Readers and listeners, can one of you prevail where the Gabfesters stumbled? Below, we’ve posted a video of Trump speaking the sentence; under that, you’ll find the written text. If you refuse to be stumped by Trump, send your best diagrammatic effort (in screenshot, JPG, or PDF form, please) to Those who succeed can look forward to Donald-level bragging rights! Continued….

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