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BBC Documentary : PizzaGate type Belgium Network

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February 12, 2017


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BBC Documentary : PizzaGate type Belgium Network

The case of abduction and murder against Belgium’s infamous paedophile Marc Dutroux remains unresolved. He has not been brought to book for these heinous crimes.

There appears to be a steel veil drawn over the facts at the highest level and no one is prepared to expose those involved in this blatant cover-up.…

Is this Belgian justice?

The Belgian justice system appears paralysed, unable to prosecute Dutroux, his wife or the third alleged accomplice, all now spending their sixth year behind bars. Each year of imprisonment without trial strengthens their case against the Belgian authorities for a breach of their human rights.

So why the delay?

The official answer is that a series of hysterical conspiracy theories forced investigators to search for paedophile networks, which didn’t exist.But for observers of this debacle, that’s exactly what didn’t happen.Far from being investigated, leads pointing to a network seem rather to have been blocked or buried.

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