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Russell Brand & Jordan Peterson – Kindness VS Power

Russell Brand & Jordan Peterson – Kindness VS Power

Recently making the headlines after a combative interview about the gender pay gap with Channel 4’s Cathy Newman, my guest today is Jordan Peterson, who discusses with me some of his 12 Rules for Life.

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Jordan Peterson vs. Russell Brand

I don’t hate Russell Brand — even though it is rather fashionable to do so if you are an intellectual hipster — in fact, I like him a lot. I’m impressed by the way he has taken his rather noxious earlier self — the celebrity, new-age druggy — and ‘cleaned up his room’ in Petersonian lingo; in other words, transformed into an engaged, effusive, and intelligent person — a kind of ‘working-class hero’. Brand has taken stand-up comedy into the political realm, where it is needed. Politics requires comedy to counter hubris; divine comedy redeems worldly politics. On a deeper level, the comedian can go where the rest of us don’t dare to — deep into the pit of the collective madness. Comedians objectify our inner ‘idiot’ and therefore, by making the idiot visible, free us from him. I was encouraged to see that Brand had invited Peterson on his podcast, that the so-called ‘bourgeoisie leftist’ is finally talking with the so-called ‘alt-right provocateur’. But those are silly reductions — and anybody who listens to this podcast can see through the nonsense that Peterson has anything to do with right wing ideology, or that he hates marginal people, or that he is indifferent to the wealth distribution problem—to name a few of the numerous ways he isn’t a fascist. Peterson was warm and compassionate in the interview, contrary to his firebrand image, and Brand was not the bimbo he is described as by haters. The conversation went well. Peterson seemed in his element and was less combative than one would expect — and there was much common ground touched on.  Continued……

Why do people find Jordan Peterson so convincing? Because the left doesn’t have its own house in order

 The Canadian clinical psychologist and university professor has become hugely popular for his ‘anti-PC’ views and is beloved of many on the alt-right. He’s appealing for a number of reasons, most of them connected to the left-wing people he opposes

The wide popularity of Jordan Peterson, a once-obscure Canadian clinical psychologist and university professor who has become beloved of the alt-right, is a proof that the liberal-conservative “silent majority” finally found its voice. Peterson, who has said that the idea of white privilege is a “Marxist lie” and theorised that “radical feminists” don’t speak out about human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia because of “their unconscious wish for brutal male domination”, is fast becoming a mainstream commentator.

His advantages over the previous anti-LGBT+ star Milo Yiannopoulos are obvious. Yiannopoulos was witty, fast-talking, full of jokes and sarcasms, and openly gay – he resembled, in many features, the culture he was attacking. Peterson is his opposite: he combines a “common sense” approach and (the appearance of) cold scientific argumentation with a bitter rage at a threat to the liberal basics of our societies – his stance is: “Enough is enough! I cannot stand it anymore!” Continued…..


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