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Tommy Robinson Oxford Union Speech

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June 12, 2018


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Tommy Robinson Oxford Union Speech


PROTESTERS gathered outside the Oxford Union last night as co-founder of the English Defence League (EDL) Tommy Robinson gave a talk.

Oxford Union has been criticised for their decision to host the former spokesman and leader of the EDL in a protest letter signed by 200 people, including the film director Ken Loach.

Outside the Oxford Union there were twenty protesters from the Socialist Workers Party, Unite, Unison and Unite against Fascism.

This is the third time that Oxford Union has tried to host a talk by Mr Robinson, the first was cancelled due to security reasons and the second was postponed because Mr Robinson was sent to prison for trying to obtain a mortgage by misrepresentation.

Mr Robinson claimed that he could not give the talk he had initially planned because probation officers had listed topics he couldn’t speak about, under threat of being recalled to prison.

Mr Robinson said: “I regain my freedom of speech on July 22, 2015 [when his licence period ends]. I would be happy to come back and speak to you freely then.”

An uncomfortable truth. Andrew Norfolk Times reporter on his work on the ‘The lost girls of Rotherham’

Maajid Nawaz’s Unique View On Tommy Robinson’s Arrest

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