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Dr Graham Downing : Artificial Intelligence : The WAR on CONSCIOUSNESS ?

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November 12, 2018


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Dr Graham Downing : Artificial Intelligence : The WAR on CONSCIOUSNESS ?

Artificial Intelligence : Humanity’s greatest achievement or its greatest threat? Dr Graham Downing presents the ‘Cutting-Edge’ science and US Government ‘Think-Tank’ documents to uncover the disturbing truth at the AV8 Conference (May 2017)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on an apparent unstoppable ascent, and why shouldn’t it be? After all, it’s one of the greatest, if not, THE greatest potential achievements of humanity … isn’t it?

The quest to breath conscious life into an artificial form is coming ever closer. Experts predict that it will revolutionise our experience as humans, and if it delivers even half of what it promises, the human experience of Life will be completely and forever changed … but will it be for the better? The reality may be far more disturbing than the vast majority of people are actually capable of comprehending … which is precisely, what those driving the Artificail Intelligence / Trans-Humanist agenda are relying upon!

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