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Sky presenter’s cringing interview with Jeremy Corbyn. A fish out of water!

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October 3, 2015


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Sky presenter’s cringing interview with Jeremy Corbyn. A fish out of water!

Eamonn Holmes is one of many mainstream journalists struggling in todays new political waters, dialoging with caring public servants. In the days following long shot ( 200/1) Labour candidate Jeremny Colbyn winning his party’s leadership election the ‘establishment’ wasted no time in his media lynching which received a massive backlash from supporters and non supporters alike. As a consequence Holmes has switched tactics, judging Corbyn by his own values and appealing to sarcasm and condescension to deal with this strange new political breed that doesn’t just appear to care but actually does …oooch!

Following awkward light banter regarding football results Holmes asks whether standing in a room basking in the love from his people was like a boys dream to score the winning goal in a club final! i.e. job done! Colbyn’s response is perfect.

To that Holmes suggests that his is  a religious type message from a religious leader who believes in caring and respect  two qualities he (Holmes) can’t use as they don’t happen on TV!  The reason being that the public would think he (Holmes) is a creep. Holmes then appeals to third party general opinion that Colbyn is a Hippy that wants to hug everybody. Again great detailed reponse from Colbyn.

Butting into Colbyn’s answer , Holmes, refering to a headline ‘New Politics old Speech’ then states that as a person who one month ago no one had heard of, with little responsibility or influence it was quite normal to use someone else’s old speech if he believed in it. Again great reply from Colbyn.

Holmes asks Colbyn, how  he could talk about love and respect when he HATES the tories!!

Holmes then explains that other peoples opinions don’t matter because no decisions would ever be made.

Holmes then compares politics as being the same as managing a football club – if you want to win you have be like Alex Fergusion i.e. dictator. He then gets quite involved in debunking Colbyns opinion by butting in.

Finally Holmes talks about Colbyns dress format and his tie from the conference implying that he had put a tie on to look more ‘electable’ . Great answer again. The UK Independents take

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