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Rabbis: “Israel” is against God, Zionists hijacked our Jewish Religion

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October 20, 2015


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Rabbis: “Israel” is against God, Zionists hijacked our Jewish Religion


Jewish Rabbis declared in an interview with a Turkish news channel that they have been fighting against the establishment of the Zionist project called “Israel” at the United Nations since 1947. He says that godless Zionists hijacked and transformed the 1000 year old religion into nationalism and materialism against the will of the Jewish of the people. Rabbi Weiss says that creating this so-called state is expressly forbidden in the Torah because it is contrary to the wishes of God to do so and that every true believing practicing Jew of the Torah from all corners of the Earth knows this and still fight against it until today. Instead of being heard, the Zionist government and police have been beating and killing the Jews because of their bold opposition.

The Rabbis also say that their true friends are the Muslims throughout the centuries, not the Zionists. Zionism only existed for 100 years and they are the ones causing the rift between peoples and nations. Moreover, he emphasize that the true Jewish Religious Community sees no legitimacy of this so-called Jewish state of Israel.

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