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Introduction : Look Beyond the Illusion

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November 20, 2015


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Introduction : Look Beyond the Illusion

world distructionAs world events develop before our eyes more and more of us are asking, what on earth is really going on?, (GATV) provides a one stop, laymans guide to answering this question. We provide veiw points for people searching alternative information from that dished out by politicians, ‘financial experts’  news corporations ect.  In effect its purpose is to open new doorways to information that should be sceptically examined in an open minded manor.

This is not about selling anything, convincing you that I am right and you are wrong, telling you how the world should be, or even predicting that the world is about to end!

It does contain information you should be aware of. We cover a massive spectrum from, technology, natural medicine / healing, mental healthself development, education, the relation between science, religion and spiritualism and on to banks and finance, climate change, food production, energy production , the relation between pharmaceutical companies and your health, to world politics & conspiracy theories / facts.

We have the best documentaries on the principal issues concisely laid out, on one site, absolutely free of charge.  Over 50 hours of video presentations linked together with my own introductions and analysis. My desire is to create debate by challenging beliefs. I want to encourage you, and those within your circle of influence to ask what is going on within ourselves, as individuals, our towns, our countries, our governments, financial systems, press agencies, multi nationals ect. andhow this is effecting our personal, local, and global wellbeing?

The objective of this non profit site is to invite visitors to challenge their beliefs to what has historically, and what is currently occuring in our world. Maybe after this challenge  your beliefs were already spot on, and that’s cool. On the other hand you might find that some of your beliefs, or lets say ‘your realities’, were not real, and as a consequence  having a negative effect upon your life, i.e. health, finance, career etc.

So you may ask yourself ‘why’s this guy using his time and money to collate  this information if their’s no financial gain?

I’ll tell you…..Five years ago I believed I was a pretty switched on `worldly’ sort of guy. That is until my own circumstances led me to take a look at myself and my surroundings. I was  flabbergasted by what I discovered. I saw that the problems society faces today had been in the ‘making & planning’ for centuries. I realised how ignorant I was on matters that directly influenced my life. I made a commitment then to pass on my experiences to other information seekers to help speed up their own learning process.

The more I learnt the more I realised just how much I didn’t know, and at the same time the more I knew the easier it was for me to learn and understand more. I asked myself why was I not aware of this information? Why had my parents or school teachers not taught me what was going on. Why was it not in the papers or the TV news? Why hadn’t I and everybody else understood this before?

These questions are answered in detail at So where does one start? I start off by looking at ourselves. We seem so preoccupied in  just keeping our heads above the water, both financially and emotionally that we have a problem seeing the wood through the trees in our own lives less alone the root causes of the worlds problems. If we are so wrapped up in our own conceived problems how can we see what is going on in the background?

GATV demonstrates it is no accident that we are where we are today. I know that is really difficult to comprehend but please stay with me whilst you check out the sites’ content which again is completely free from start to finish. No hidden agenda, no money and I won’t  even ask you for your email address unless you request a reply!

So let’s start with ourselves As individuals  the quality of our lives is determined by what we are feeling in any given moment.  You are what you feel. These feelings are a result of our experiences and the meanings we give them. So what does that mean?

When we popped out in this world we all had the same basic requirements oxygen, food, warmth, and not being dropped on the hospital floor!!  We knew nothing of materialistic  items, low esteem, scarcity, religions, racism, sexism, violence, jealousy, resentment, fear, war, inequality, ect. ect. these things were ‘picked up’ along the way, experiences we had, meanings we gave. Have you ever asked yourself why, by the time we become adults, we do the things we do even if they have negative outcomes i.e:-

Loved ones being hurt,
Bad finances
Excessive consumption of alcohol
Drug taking,
Any other additive behavior,
General poor health,

Change the meanings we give things and we literally  change our lives, for the better and for the worse!  Keeping negative meanings  produce unhappy feelings leaving us in denial & avoiding the ‘change’.

It is quite amazing how many of us  decide to stay where we are in our lives,  i.e. mediocre,  often scared, experiencing  low esteem, insecurity and being damn miserable just because the change is more painful to think about than the misery is to live with. We often blame external factors for our problems, looking for answers accordingly, when in reality all the answers lie within us. Greater Awareness starts to ask ourselves the questions that will begin this ‘exploration’ both inside and outside of ourselves..

If you decide it’s time to challenge your beliefs you will, on a personal basis, ultimately  realise that all you needed to understand was already inside of you. You just hadn’t found it. Looking at the bigger picture i.e. what is going on in our world, a moment will arrive when you  have to decide whether you really want to realise the truth, or not. The choice will be yours, as will be the consequences if you don’t .


So what is this all about? As such  this is not  a site teaching self help or personal development, although its relevance will become evident. Greater Awareness.TV is about providing grammatical reasoning i.e. the who what where and when,  as to what  the hell is going on!  Consequently creating debate. We ask you to avoid the much used ‘rational reasoning’ which justifies the status quo.  Avoid comments such as :-

‘They wouldn’t do that’. Or ‘That couldn’t be kept a secret’. Or ‘They wouldn’t have the money to do it?’ Or ‘Don’t believe what you see on the internet’. Or ‘That’s the way it is! Or ‘That’s the way it has always been’, Or ‘even That’s the way it will always be’, ect. These are rational statements conditioned into us courtesy of our schools, religions, parents, television, magazines, politicians etc. The good news is that the root problems to war, hunger, inequality, unemployement, economic crises, ect. are actually very easy to understand, and once you’ve got them you don’t need me or anyone else to keep pointing them out, your own intuition will pick it up.

A basic accepted principal is that society and the world  is a reflection of ourselves as individuals and thus society. For this reason I start with Personal Development, because if we don’t understand ourselves how can we really understand others and their effect upon us? Through my own experiences I attach a personal development page with some of the masters I believe are the best at their trade i.e. developing life skills that can transform our lives. So now to the meat of this site.

Why is the world in such a mess?








We hear fifty thousand stories. Depending on who’s telling the ‘story’ will depend on the ‘villain’. It’s the bankers fault is a favorite cry.

It’s the bankers fault ! is a favorite cry,
Down with capitalism!
The politicians are to blame!
Money is the root of all evil!
It’s the consumers own greed!

Well it could be all of these, and more, whilst  none of them individually. Apart from the need to understand the ego, raise our own consciousnesses, understand new deep truths,  ( our follow up blog project ) the root cause to the world problems (just as it was for past civilizations) comes from just two financial concepts. You may never have heard of them but I strongly recommend you understand them, because once you do you will never listen to the so called financial experts or politicians in the same way ever again.

Don’t be scared off by the technical sounding names, they are not complicated and are more than explained on this site. They are Fractional Reserve System (FRS) and Usary Monetary system. (UMS) Very simply put, when money is ‘born’ it is created by the banks from fresh air (FRS)  christened  fiat currency and arrives to you and me and our governments with a parasite called interest! (UMS) i.e. debt!



Interest creates debt as soon as money is created, and just like any parasite it lives off its ‘carrier’,  constantly growing in size, creating an ever increasing strain until it becomes too much to handle, at which point the carrier (the economy) dies and morphs itself into a new beginning.This carrier is the world economy ‘adjusted’ by our governments with you & me attached, along with our natural resources, our food, health services, our social security systems, pensions schemes, etc.  Whilst this process is played out we are led to serfdom having to work harder and harder to pay off credits and taxes from a counterfeited currency , and interest which is a counterfeited debt !


A double whammy as it were. You need look no further. Below is a short video explanation.-

These are the bones of the matter and what is provided at is the information on the rest of this ‘body’ the organs, flesh, skin and clothes that make up our reality, as well as the horrific effects this has on our lives. The ‘organs’ are the elite who have been in control for a long long time, the ‘flesh’ being the bankers who add volume to this body, the ‘skin’ being the politicians that allow the elite and bankers to surround the bones and keep everything in place, and finally the ‘clothes’ being the way this reality is dressed up for our consumption.

Unfortunately we spend too much time running about chasing our tails, searching for ways to be effective, to make more money, create great relationships, being ‘happier’ ect. ect.  Often with little consistency & leaving no time for much else. We have in effect taken our eyes off the ball, not seeing the wolf creeping up dressed in his sheep’s clothes!

The information on this site is not related to any specific race, religion, or political bias. The areas don’t just cover the financial system its also details the ‘collatrol damage’ of UMS and FRS that effect you directly. As mentioned we cover a massive spectrum from, technologynatural medicine / healingmental healthself developmenteducationthe relation between science, religion and spiritualism and on to banks and financeclimate change, food productionenergy production , the relation between pharmaceutical companies and your health, to world politics & conspiracy theories / facts.

Everything we need to know is already out there, but many of us just don’t want to look at it.

A good example  is 9/11. Why is it so difficult for us to review the conflicting evidence about 9/11? Afterall there’s enough of it! If we don’t allow such evidence ‘in’ we just use rational reasoning and run the risk of being in denial.

Despite evidence from eye witnesses, architects, demolition experts, images, TV coverage on the day etc. why are we so resistant to the evidence? Could it be the trauma involved that stops us believing it? Afterall if we accept the evidence it would mean our governments are not here to protect us, quite the opposite, they are capable of killing 1000`s of citizens. Psychologically this is like realising our mothers don’t love us!

When our beliefs are challenged in this way fear and anxiety is created, at which point the psychological defense system kicks in, the most common one being denial. It’s easier to deny, stick to the official story and ‘move on’ in life , than to look at the conflicting evidence, being sincere and open minded sceptics   whilst  deciphering the evidence .

Unfortunately the modern day epidemic of un happiness has left many living their own lives in denial. If we spend our day to day lives like this  what chance have the big issues got in being believed?

I believe that the truth can not be told it must be realised  Therefore for world truths to be realised we must first be telling ourselves the truth! You know, I am convinced that if you find this site’s information sufficiently compelling to watch and read in its entirety by the final page you will never see yourself, or the world, through the same eyes again. But that’s for you to decide. I will demonstrate that so called ‘facts’ you have taken for granted all your life….. must be questioned. A lot of this information will stretch your comfort zone. You decide.

Try googling these ‘fun’ misconceptions to prepare yourselves for the more serious ones ahead :-

contrarianFed♦No Pharaoh’s body has ever been found in a major pyramid in Egypt!
♦The US Federal reserve is privately owned!
♦Marconi did not invent the radio!
♦WTC building 7 fell at the speed of gravity (which is not scientifically possible unless aided) !
♦Less than 3% of US currency is printed the rest is on computer balance sheets somewhere!
♦If you DIE of cancer 5 years after diagnosis you are statistically a cancer survivor!

With practice you will enhance your intuition to reveal serious misconceptions conditioned into you since your childhood. How much you now learn will depend on how far you want to go down the metaphoric ‘rabbit hole’?

On your ‘journey’ you will learn to filter information,spot the good from the bad, fact from fiction, determine the values and principals of the ‘informers’. You will come to many crossroads. Some tracks are well trodden, others overgrown. All the answers are all out there. It’s just a case of what questions you want to ask  and then knowing where to find what you need to know .  The most important piece of advise I can give is to always be a person of your own conclusions.

That is to say, ‘come to your own conclusions and don’t take anything or anyone as ‘gospel’ starting with this website!! Use this site as an opening to your own exploration . You decide where to burrow. I’m just here to provide some sign posts. No doubt that on the way you will get things wrong but that is all part of the process.

Its better to get things wrong, even look nieve or stupid for a few days, than stay wrong and stupid and mistaken all your life!

When you are on your way send back your own feedback and discoveries, even create your own site. Its easier than you think. By creating a passive network you too can start to help other people see the stories behind the stories. Hey I am not a highly educated boffin with a extensive back ground in any of these subjects. You don’t need to be! If anyone questions this fact ask yourself what the doubter has to loose by being wrong.

open_mindAll you need is an open mind, a little common sense, a desire to search out information, and to be prepared to chalenge your beliefs as new information is found. Some subjects such as the banking system and the stock exchanges can seem impossible to understand, but don’t let that bother you. They are not complicated, its just their purposely overdressed appearance that gives this illusion.

Regarding problems in the world which effect us all, how about these questions?

♦ If so much money has been lost in the current world crisis, where has it all gone?

♦ How is money created in the first place for us all to spend?

♦ The US deficit increases 3,950,000,000 Dollars day, (i.e. they spend more than they earn). It has increased since time and in memorial. Who is this money owed to and don’t they want it back??

♦ How much of the money in the world is actually printed, and what backs up its value?

♦ How are company stocks and shares actually traded in the 21st century? And why do balance sheets and results not really matter anymore?

The answers to these five simple questions allow us to understand the main causes of the western worlds financial problems and its terrible subsequent symptoms of unemployment, homelessness, and kids going hungry. Other questions worth investigating are:-

How much trust should we put in our politicians to look after our best interests?

What is subversion and its consequences?

Who is the guard who watches the guard (Justice and political system) who watches the guard (police & security services) who watch over ALL OF US etc?

Why do we have wars? And what are the lesser known background stories regarding Americas entry into WW1, WW2, Vietnam, and Afghanistan?

What is global climate change, its causes, its effects and are there really solutions?

How safe is our food?

How safe are our physical and mental health systems?

Ever asked yourself why is the head of Christianity, the Pope, based in Rome when Jesus was a Jew who lived in Galilee and was killed by the Romans in Jerusalem.

Or maybe why was Jesus the poorest of the poor while the church is the richest of the rich?

All these subjects appear to be as diverse as the night and the day. However as you explore you will become increasingly aware that everything is interlinked. But coming back to us as individuals,  If we believe that:

We are independent from everything,

Our problems are due to external factors, i.e friends, family,the financial crisis even the weather!

Life’s about what we´ve got (i.e. the taking) as opposed to what you contribute. (i.e. the giving)

That we are what we do,

We are what others think of us,

Its about doing things because we can (due to our circumstances) not because they are right. and that we alone can not make a difference………..why would we expect our politicians bankers etc. to think or act any differently? As you will see the politicians are chosen by the elite & elected by the people, and when we get it wrong this vote is corrected by electronic voting machines!!!

I truly believe that if we don’t ‘wake up’, with all the information now available to us on the net, we deserve the politicians that represent us, the elite few that dictate to these politicians, their monetary and financial sytems and all the depressing consequences that are on the way. All this is a reflection on us, and our society. If we start looking for the answers to our own problems from the inside (ourselves) —- out  (society) as opposed to the outside – in , i.e. stop blaming everything on anything except ourselves, we will become more aware of the worlds realities.

This greater awareness and subsequent higher consciousness will make obsolete through natural inertia what is contaminating our world. Remember this is a game of a few hundred against 7 billion. The numbers are on our side.

This shift has begun and tipping points are being reached. The next time you don’t think that one person can make a difference remember the Tunisian fruit seller Muhammad Al Bouazizi who’s actions after being slapped in the face by a police officer in December 2010 led to the Arab uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia and Syria.

Unfortunately Muhammad paid with his life as did so many who rose up. However, it was this overnight shift in conscienceness of the masses, spread by social networks (technology) that made the difference. It changed decades of repressive dictatorship literally overnight.  Kennedy famously said.

Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what we together can do for the freedom of man.

Fifty years later this is even more relevant now that it was then. We now have access to more information in a day than our grand fathers had in a lifetime. Its time to take advantage of this fact. What is being played in the world has been on the agenda since 24th December 1913 and before, however it is only now that people, like me and hopefully you, are getting it.   There is a need for a massive shift in our way of thinking and understanding if we want to see any positive changes in our world. In todays technological world ignorance is a choice not a circumstance!

Thank you for taking the time to hear my message and I hope that you find my experiences and research of interest. Do let me have your feed back and stick with it because


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