Wednesday, Jul. 17, 2019

Wealth Time & LUCK



What is wealth?  This word, and its meaning, plays such an important part in our lives today it requires singling out. My favourite definition of wealth is:-

What you are left with when all your materialistic items are taken away, or in a business sense, what you are left with when you have lost all your money.

What does that mean? Wealth is not a physical thing , it is a mindset. Your real wealth is your relationships, your character, your skills, intellect, understanding of your being, your experiences, your ability and willingness to contribute to others, your knowledge, contacts, understanding, your inner peace, connection to your source, etc. It is these factors that will determine the strength of your true wealth.

Money and materialistic items flow in abundance and they can come and they can go. It is your WEALTH that determines this flow and its strength. -

A great metaphor for wealth creation and money is the butterfly garden, staring the butterfly collector (you) the garden (wealth) the butterfly (money) .

To have access to the butterflys (money) you can run around catching them all day with a net however the problem is that as soon as you stop the butterflys will fly away.

Alternatively you can cultivate a healthy garden (wealth) as to always attract new butterfly’s. Eventually these butterfly’s will pollinate your garden whilst you sit down and take in the finer beauty of the day.

What is Luck?

LuckyLuke02There is no doubt that some people are more fortunate than others as a result of circumstances beyond their control, i.e. family & childhood environment, however it should be noted, particularly  in the western world, that  many a successful person has come from deprived backgrounds. Benjamin Franklyn said ‘Diligence is the mother of luck’, which has a ring of truth. The words luck and unlucky however are very much over used in todays society. They have become a great ‘softener’ as to explain why something has not happened in our or someone else’s lives. It’s one of the words we use to justify a lie we wish to convince ourselves and others of. My favorite interpretation of L.U.C.K is

L.ocation: Your ability and willingness to move around and be where you need to be to make things happen for you.
U.nderstanding : Your ability to convert all your experiences, good and particularly bad, into positive assets of your personal development.
C.ontacts : Your ability to network and positively influence people.
K.nowledge : Your ability to know what you want to achieve using your born talents and the skills you have taken the time to learn.

couch-potato-300x180We truly make our own luck based on our mind set. We can all have some good fortune / luck, now and again however it is clear that someone who sits at home all day unwilling to live a healthy lifestyle, create new experiences, meet new people,  or increase their skills & knowledge will be more likely to be ‘UNLUCKY’

Zermatt-Matterhorn-1-300x225Whilst the person that is prepared to travel when need be, learn new skills, meet new people, set high goals, convert bad experiences into new beliefs and habits, is more likely to be ‘LUCKY?



Time is one of the few things  that all 7 billion of us have the same of . 24 Hours a day. Sure some of us have more things to cram into those 24 hours, (particularly mothers) however our effectiveness will very much depend on how we make use of  these 24 hours. In resume we can say our usage of time is another aspect of our wealth.

time-moneyTime is just like money. You can  spend it,  you can save it, you can invest it, and just like money you should do all three. You can spend it on the basics i.e. work and rest as well as the most enjoyable experiences that you can imagine. You can look for ways to save it through greater efficiency and convert such time saving  into personal investments such as studying, networking, traveling, learning  new skills ect.

Such behaviour definitely  increases your ‘Luck’. So how ‘Lucky do you want to be?