Sunday, Jun. 16, 2019

Mental Health


Living better through chemical enhancement!!!!

The power and influence within the Mental health industry and the numerous ‘treatments’ used by psychiatrists is a very worrying development in the western world. We shall look at the history of psychiatry over the century’s and the effect it is having today, particularly on our youth, as well as the  flawed assumption by these practitioners that mental illness is caused by a chemical imbalance.

Although their profession is quantified as a science we will see that many top psychiatrists confirm that there are no scientific tests to prove such imbalances and that to date not one single cure has ever been found for a patient. The attached documentary covers the history of Psychiatry. It is a chilling insight into how psychiatry has no cures and that there is no real understanding of the causes of mental illness. I, as I feel many others, was totally unaware of the power of those in this industry and the damage being caused by many of them.

The film covers the progression of ‘treating’ mental health from the asylums of the 19th century, to the barbaric and tortuous techniques of the 20th century to the modern day ‘better living through drugs’ solution. The terribly alarming fact is that these drugs are being administered to children. It discusses how the flawed Eugenics creation of Psychiatry was a great favorite of 20th century fascist and communist dictatorships. Hitler himself was a great follower of it, and how the US congress formed policies after being convinced that mental illness was a threat to security.

Mental health agencies and governments are using invalid science for social control rather than addressing the decline of the structures of families, schools and communities as well as escalating racism and poverty. Psychiatry has become a license to print money. The industry leaders work hand in hand with the pharmaceutical companies. Forms of treatment become increasing expensive depending on a patients health insurance coverage, which is stretching the already fragile health services.

With the money, power and greed of the elite few determining todays politics & economy, the mis information on the environment, the quality and effect of the food stuffs we consume, the confused and often conflictive messages given out by religions, the need to maintain control of our minds has never been more important. One could consider mind control as the most effective Weapon of Mass Destruction. Consequently if we want to react to a future circumstance we need first to be aware of the past.

This film has been produced by Scientology. I have no affiliation to this sect and am against their secretive policies and manipulative marketing methods. However, after researching this subject further I feel that although somewhat biased its message has significant foundation and should be in the public domain. Below is an introduction.

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As mentioned this film has been produced by Scientology. So lets hear from a psychiatrist of 35 years Niall Mclaren who has brought to the public domain his interpretation of Psychiatry as well as the future version of the DSM (5) This is a critical examination of the concepts behind the new DSM-5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, which is due out in the next few years. His case is that it will fail because it is based on very bad science.

DSM 5 There’s a pill for everyone in there !!!

There are four episodes (try the 4th episode  first if time is tight)