Wednesday, Jul. 17, 2019



What is the truth regarding world population trends & the future? We hear that the population of the earth is rapidly growing. This is an understatement. If we look at the figures for the past 250 years this growth is clear to see.

However if we look at this over the last 3000 years the exponential growth we are witnessing is even more incredible / frightening.

No wonder our world is stretching at the seems, trying to provide enough water & fossil resources to keep our flawed monetary based system a float. We are trying to use, 200 hundred years later, the same system for six billion people as we did for one billion. Add one more billion per decade ..and imagine!! Land space is not the problem, mass areas of the world are still to be habited. One question is how do we sustain this population bearing in mind our love for our ‘resource sapping’ diet and materialism?

Over the last 200 years life expectancy has rocketed in the western world. The highest life expectancy 200 years ago was just 40 years. Unfortunately there are still countries today that have this life expectancy. This is a disgrace and another example as to how un connected we remain as a race. A race scientifically proven to be reliant on such connection to flourish and prosper. Han Rosling explains very well with his gapminder software the demographics of the last 200 years.

What about the future though? We are told that by 2050 there will be 9 billion people on earth! This however is not the most worrying statistic. The real issue would appear to be the age breakdown of these 9 billion.

‘The massive population growth of the last 100 years is not because we have been breeding like rabbits but due to us not dropping down like flies.’

The changing demographics of the western world is one of the politicians greatest problems in the making, and they know it! Russia alone in reducing by 700,000 persons a year!! It is a fact that globally less and less children are being born and more and more people are living longer. Bearing in mind that the 30 and 45 age group are the most economically productive and that it is in rapid decline could it mean that economic production is peaking whilst the population continues to increase?

How are we going to look after this aging population? Under the current monetary based system, we cannot. We are talking about you in a few years by the way!!!

This subject is explained in the documentary ‘Demographic Winter’ Watch the trailer below and follow the episodes on ‘You Tube’ or buy it at their site. Its underlying point is that the FAMILY is the natural and fundamental group unit of society” It explains that the family has undergone unimaginable changes in the last 50 years due to the massive social changes that have taken place, leading to lower birth rates but higher household numbers. An interesting point made is that people of faith have higher levels of reproduction. This makes a compelling case for Religions to be more relevant in peoples lives, particularly the Catholic church in Europe. I suggest that Christianity needs to solve the issues distancing people from it, and adopt an INSIDE OUT problem solving model, i.e. look deeply into what they stand for TODAY and become less intransigent in their teachings. A good start would be for religions to officially acknowledge each other as valid conduits of God’s Words!

Take the time to watch the whole film at the bottom of the page , its an eye opener! I attach the trailer

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