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We have experienced for several decades a gradual shift in awareness , accelerated  more recently by the internet. The Arab Spring is the beginning of a global exponential change  demanded by the people , not just because their circumstances & emotions dictate  but because they will actually understand intellectually for the first time the why what and ho .  This combination of understanding  and circumstances will change everything forever.’  S Griffin

The aim of this website has been to bring to your attention, in an understandable format, answers to the underlying questions we are inquisitively asking ourselves whilst witnessing the massive changes occurring in our lives. We are becoming increasingly aware that whatever is happening in our neighborhoods, town’s cities & countries the negative results are clear evidence that something is going wrong, very wrong.

Most of our content may be new to you. So new you may be skeptical. This is healthy. You should not take as gospel any information made available. However I suggest you avoid thoughts such as: ‘I don’t understand the subject matter and I think it’s rubbish’ ‘Don’t tell me any more facts I´ve already made my mind up’. Don’t believe what you see on the internet.

These are statements of an ignorant person. I suggest it is preferable to say :- ‘I don’t understand the subject matter but will research it further from other sources and then come to a conclusion. This ‘new’ information I present is just the tip of an ‘humungus’ iceberg. My first objective is that we first better understand ourselves. If we are not in full control of our thoughts and feelings it is not possible to fully understand what is going on in the world. In fact we can end up using all the negativity around us to justify our own circumstances, which apart from being the ‘easy way out’ is a way to justify to ourselves the reasons for not raising our own conscienceness.

One of the main roots to our global problems is our Usary monetary system and its instant ability through ‘Fractional Reserve Banking’ to create debt as soon as money is created. This constant need to create more and more money is driven by the global commercial requirement to create constant economic growth. This pre requisite growth is fueled by creating more and more consumer products requiring more and more of our resources (oil, coal, minerals etc.) to manufacture and then operate them. This same system allows the money changers (banks) to withdraw currency through instrumented recessions or depressions, as to have YOUR assets returned to them.

The more we buy the bigger the companies become until they become multi nationals operating on all 5 continents. The shareholders of these companies expect returns for their investment including the pension funds that WE expect to provide for us when we retire. This constant requirement for growth ensures it gets harder and harder to achieve shareholder expectations. As a result the decisions multi nationals make cannot be in the long term best interests of the consumer or the environment.

To ensure that laws are adjusted to cater for multinational needs. Money and influence is used to finance Politicians who end up using the revolving doors between boardrooms and governmental chairs to achieve theirs and their pay masters objectives. A total reliance on the earths resources ensure that control over them is maintained at any cost by this elite group of decision makers, whose arsenals include, war, financial coercion of country leaders, subversion, monetary manipulation etc. All these factors feed the ‘monetary based system’ we live in. It ensures non viabable financial projects of TODAY will not see a tomorrow.

A classic example of this is renewable energy. The solution to all our energy problems can be achieved by using Gio thermo energy, capturing the earths own energy, or the whole range of renewable energies including solar, wind and wave power as well as ‘free energy’ the type Tesla discovered. These energy sources are the future. The sun alone generates 10,000 times more energy than we need. They require however massive investment before any financial return is seen which does not align to our need for instant results

Much of this technology exits through secret government development programs. The private sector advances very slowly in these areas because the multi national energy companies make their trillions  by exploiting fossil fuels, as oppossed to tapping the sun, wind, etc. all abundantly available to us all and free! Just imagine if by painting our houses or cars with a substance that generated sufficient solar and thermal energy to power them how much money would be lost by multi national energy companies. Instead we are told that these forms of energy are not viable. Of coarse they are no viable in their current state. The light bulb needed 200 versions before it became viable! It was achieved through time and investment.

With the current mind set multi national food producers cannot make their money from natural organic ingredients. They make their money from patenting the crops we now rely on to feed our ‘addictions’ such as animal proteins (meats) and sugar. As we have seen the same amount of corn is required to generate 1 beef burger as to bake a couple of weeks supply of bread for a full family. As to minimise costs animals are veered by the million, factory style, raised purely on GM crops requiring billions of gallons of water, impregnated with poisonous insecticides, leaving our health of secondary importance.  This is ‘convenient’ when multi national pharmaceutical companies make their billions from illness not health, i.e. cure not prevention.

Bearing in mind politicians play a vital role in these companies how can we expect our health NOT to be placed at risk for the sake of financial and political gain? Even if they did care they are too busy fighting to keep an unsustainable system, sustained, to ever change things for the better. We have seen that the monetary based system creates debt making us ever more enslaved to paying it off. This along with the social changes of the last 50 years mean both parents are now having to work placing a greater strain on the FAMILY unit leaving kids to be bought up by their deficient schooling system by day and their ‘X boxes’ by night. This has been further aggravated by the increase of single parent families accelerated by ‘divorce debt stress’.

Things are, I’m afraid, going to get a whole lot worse. You need to understand why as to better deal with the consequences, and understand what’s going on as the solutions become clearer. While the ‘powers to be’ continue ‘arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic’ with their concocted solutions, they are ignoring one basic point. The current world economic system breaks every basic principle of success, just as filling the Titanics hull with water broke the basic principle of floatation. The current financial disaster we are experiencing comes from decades of this flawed system.

Understand this and it will help us understand the conditioning received all our lives via the media, medical professions, food agencies, politicians ect. ect. as to what is best for the world. So if you hear something that goes totally against your experiences to date stop and think, doesn’t it make a bit more sense bearing in mind the alternative information I have acquired?’ That’s when your journey really begins.

As you may remember from your science lessons, for every action there is a reaction. In life this is called cause and effect. i.e. for every cause here is an effect and visa versa. We often confuse the effect (symptom) with the cause, i.e. The world economy is held hostage by the bankers! In this case  the cause of the worlds economic situation is not because of the bankers control, the cause is the  ‘fractional reserve system’ which allows the bankers to manipulate the money supply.
• Fractional Reserve System.
• Control of economy by the money changers. (banks)
• Booms & Busts economies
• Poverty and death in first and third world.
• Enslaving the masses into work.
• World Control being held in fewer and fewer hands becoming more     and more powerful
• Global monetary system.
• Reliance on fossil fuels and manipulation of earth resources.
• Destruction of the earths environment on a exponential basis.

Our politicians spend their time talking about (convincing us of) the economic effects and their solutions instead of dealing with the CAUSES.  Prevention is always better than Cure. As mentioned its like arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic in the hope the passengers will relax while the ship gets to port! It a’int gonna happen!

So in this particular case what solutions could there be? We can start by changing public perception, through greater awareness such as the problems discussed on this site,  stigmatising the  political  corporate & religious behavior that does not serve the greater good. i.e. make it as unacceptable (to the majority) as pheadophilia, drinking and driving or wife bashing. Take the creation of money out of private hands, cancel debt and creating debt free money, making banking just another business and spreading more evenly the worlds wealth. Use our wealth, knowledge, resources to raise the living experiences of those so badly effected by the last 300 years of western behaviour

Allow technology to move at its true speed, providing solutions to many of the problems humanity face including our total reliance on fossil fuels. Change the schooling system to teach life skills and the truth as to world history, especially the last 100 years. Spend the next few hours watching this last film. There is no one perfect solution out there, however if we at least understand  the causes as to why  the current world does not and can not work, we are more likely to move towards a solution through Greater Global Synergy .(Versión en español)

Remember we are stronger as a group than signally

Change is driven by the commune not the individual