Sunday, Jun. 16, 2019

Introduction to HCTV


We have seen from the HCTV  sister site GATV our global civilisation faces profound and complicated problems. The questions we face are :-

WHAT will happen if these problems continue to manifest, and HOW can we create a better future?

It is clear that in 500 or 1000 years time mother earth will be around, the question is where will we be?

Our forefathers talked about working towards a better future for their children and their children’s children. Today in 2012  exponential growth and advances of the past 100 years of population, technology, science, economics, money supply, and the consequent exploitation of our natural resources mean our decisions today will be literally determining our tomorrow ! i.e. OUR IMMEDIATE LIFETIMES.

The purpose of projects such as  Greater , Zeitgeist Movement, Venus Project, Thrive Movement  is to create a form of SOCIAL THERAPY  designed to facilitate  society with knowledge, wisdom and power to ascend  to new levels of consciousness so we may  recognise the problems we face & realise the old ‘program’ of truths & beliefs, and our consequent attitudes and behavior are no longer applicable to the ‘NEW AGE GAME’ we are now participating in.

We are trying to solve new problems

with solutions based upon ‘old truths’

What is an OLD TRUTH?

 An ‘Old Truth’ is something that was once thought true, due to scientific proof or evidence that put the truth beyond any reasonable doubt of any other alternative.

 An example of this is when the most advanced, wise and learned scientists believed the earth was flat, and that it was the centre of the universe with the sun and the stars revolving around it. This was the TRUTH and decisions were made, paradigms created,  based on this truth. When Copernicus and subsequently Galileo’s theories were accepted a  new very DEEP THRUTH was created and changed profoundly our beliefs and understanding of the earth and solar system. This paradigm shift took over a hundred years to occur!!!

 It took over a century because the western world at the time was in the grip of ‘the church’ and the view of the church was that man was a creation of GOD.

GOD had put man on earth, and gods creation – man on his earth – was the centre of the universe.  THE CHURCH had based its scriptures and doctrinal teachings upon this ‘DEEP TRUTH’.

Thus, as recently as 400 years ago the greatest minds in the world were holding onto  old truths and anyone who questioned this belief was hauled before a church court and forced, at best,  to renounce their heresy.

We need to understand that the  same thing is going on today!

Profound new DEEP TRUTHS  are available to us  but are brushed aside by science, political and educational institutions, religion even coporate business. This is because their whole structures, belief systems, profits, ‘socio eco edges’, engrained paradigms etc.,  are based on what have  now become ‘OLD TRUTHS’.  

Unfortunately whilst we are grasping at ‘OLD TRUTHS’ we will not solve the potentially catastrophic problems faced by mankind in the 21st century.

 The difference between 400 years ago and today is that we DON’T have a century to accept these new DEEP TRUTHS, which as we will see, go right to the core of who we are and where we come from.

My aim at HCTV is to have the reader realise that the current ‘Global Rules’, and as a consequence our ‘OWN BELIEFS / BEHAVIOR ect’, are out of sync with todays realities.

We can’t talk ourselves out of a problem we have behaved ourselves into!

It could be said that many of the world problems stem from:-

Our growing love for MATERIALISTIC VALUES

  • Driven by a perceived existence of SCARCITY -  
  • Fed by a daily doses of MEDIA ADVERTISING -
  • Manifested by our EGOS -
  • Financed by our exponential FIAT currencies, -
  • Spreading EXPONENTIAL DEBT -
  • Paid for by working ourselves to  SURFDOM – 
  • Resulting in the DESTRUCTION of  the family structure -
  • Leaving younger generations to be brought up & DUMBED OWN by their Xbox’s & 24 hour media.
  • DESENSITISING violence, promoting egoism and consumerism  for the next generation of



THIS SPIRALLING PROBLEM is not going to be resolved with a few words from me, you, and particularly our politicians. They are going to be resolved through new forms of behavior.



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