Wednesday, Jul. 17, 2019

8 Million Steps


jurajWhen we hear stories from the US revealing the unfoldment of  the ‘totalitarian tip toe’ we sense its just a matter of time that the ripples we feel in Europe become waves  on all western shores.  What is maybe not understood by many is that these waves are already foaming in the most ‘untouched’ places of Europe.

Juraj Horniak, a 60 year old modern-day Don Quixote, decided to break free from the shackles of a comfortable existence and embark on a life-changing adventure by walking  along the coast of the Mediterranean, all the way from Algeciras to Istanbul, in an epic journey of 8,000 kilometres. Slowly, step by step, 8 million steps.

In this episode an entire village in Ronda, Malaga, and centuries of rural tradition are in danger of extinction. Why? In whose interest?

EPISODE 2 – The village that can’t be named (Un pueblo que no puede ser nombrado). from 8 MILLION STEPS on Vimeo.

The heavy hand of the authorities is threatening people’s very existence with absurd laws and regulations written by anonymous bureaucrats in Brussels and enforced by clueless local officials.

These villagers, whose only crime is to grow and share their own food, are living in fear, unable to defend themselves against the senseless attack on their way of life. They can’t sell their produce, so they’re all forced to buy their food in a supermarket.

What will become of them? And of their ancient values and wisdom? It’s all disappearing faster than I thought possible, and I can only hope that those who are behind this injustice will wake up to what they’re doing before it’s too late.

An ardent admirer of the Mediterranean culture…continued at 8 million steps


We are in La Linea De La Concepcion at the southern tip of Spain to have a farewell fiesta for Juraj.

The fiesta is full of duende, our talented friends share their Flamenco spirit with us into the early hours of the morning. Two days later, Juraj sets off for his 8000 km walk starting at the rock of Gibraltar.


As Juraj prepares for his walk of 8 Million Steps, he reflects on his past, his goals and why he has decided to walk from the South of Spain to Istanbul.