Wednesday, Jul. 17, 2019

Truth About Cancer


From the films site    More Fantastic Documentaries on GATV about Cancer

Here’s the truth: “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” series is entirely free. They are not selling you any magic potions. You will discover many insights you haven’t heard elsewhere that can literally save your life. With all the hype out there, we get it if you’re doubtful. However, these guys are truly on a mission to eradicate cancer across the globe. So give it one chance. Watch one episode. If you aren’t amazed, simply and easily – don’t watch any more!!.

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Quest 4 the Cure Episode 3 – Eliminate these 'Dirty Dozen' to Prevent Cancer from NATURALLY BETTER on Vimeo.

Episode Four

The Truth About Cancer- A Global Quest – Episode 4 from Constant Creative on Vimeo.

Episode Five

Quest 4 the Cure: Episode 5 – Nature's Pharmacy from NATURALLY BETTER on Vimeo.

Episode Six

Episode 6 – Clean Foods the Cancer-Free Diet… por mrnobody6

Episode Seven

Episode 7 Good News Report – Laughing At Cancer from Kevin Dedmon on Vimeo.

Episode Eight

Episode Nine

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest Official – 9 Episode Preview from Jonathan C W Otto on Vimeo.